Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Friends and Clients on One of Washingtons Best Rivers

   The Skykomish River comes crashing off of the high peaks of the Wild Sky and Henry Jackson Wilderness areas. The mountains within these areas strike the sky five thousand feet above the valley floor. Collecting up to 200" of precipitation every year provides the Skykomish river with generous flows.
   Our North Fork of the Sky trip meanders along the Wild Sky Wilderness boundary. In fact sections of this commercially run section are the wilderness area boundary. This provides spectacular scenery with an almost daily sighting of bald eagles and the occasional bobcat sighting.
   Since Outdoor Adventures has a private put in we are the only company running this section. Outdoor Adventures is a family run business and the Corson's have been generous. They have allowed us to provide our friends, families, and clients with a unique class III experience.
Ryland on the North Fork
   Over the past couple weeks I have been able to take friends to this amazing location. After paddling at the USRA National Championships Jeremiah and Katie came to Index for a visit.  Subsequently we paddled with Seamus on the North Fork Skykomish (III). After that Jeremiah, Seamus, Ryland and I R-2'd the Main Skykomish (V). So much fun paddling with Katie and Jeremiah a fellow Ark Shark teammate. Shortly after their visit I had another opportunity to showcase one of Washington's best rivers to friends.
Wade, Hannah, Ryland, Josie, Me, Sam, Rib, and Seamus
   Josie came along with Sam as she was moving back to the South Sound area. They had rafted the Lochsa in Idaho a couple days before. So I figured we would be good to go on the Main Sky (V) but we were more inclined to have a scenic run on the North Fork followed with a riverside campfire. Not surprisingly Josie and Sam were impressed with the hidden town of Index, the Skykomish River and the surrounding wilderness. The next day Sam played guide and guides played tourists when we headed to Pikes Place Market in Seattle for a cultural buffet.
Keith, Lindsey, Me, Jordan
  Soon after I had the pleasure of guiding a wonderful group down the North Fork to the Main in a full day whitewater adventure. Here is a photo Mark from Woodinville took on our North Fork to Main Skykomish trip. Keith rallied two full boats from the North Fork to upgrade and add the Main Sky to complete this fun filled day.
   Last week I submitted an American Mountain Guide Association scholarship application and video. Finances are one of the biggest hurdles in acquiring AMGA certifications. Thankfully the AMGA has many industry sponsors that help instructors and guides become certified. This video is a short summary of the places Ive travelled to acquire experience and prerequisites to confidently participate in these professional level courses.  rock guide prerequisites  ski guide prerequisites

Check out my scholarship video here.

   Here is another short video from an adventure Seamus and I had on the Rapid River near Skykomish Washington.

Rapid River Skykomish Washington