Monday, June 9, 2014

June Photo Selections

As I continue acquiring the experience expected of a guide I have slowly developed a photography portfolio. These photos are from the beautiful places my career has taken me. I consider myself lucky to have the motivation and persistence that my parents instilled in me as a child. This is what allows me to continue to be confident in this ever daunting task of career development. As a result I have found many people to find pleasure in the images I capture.

While driving to camp outside Grand Junction a lightning storm popped up right in front of me. Unwilling to continue driving into the storm I positioned myself to capture an image. With lightning popping off all around and a hair trigger on the shutter button I was able to capture this image.
G.J. Lightning 
When I posted the image to Facebook my friend Clair requested a print. So when I returned to Colorado on my spring 2014 tour I had the photo printed, mounted on gator board and laminated to archive quality. This laminate will allow the photo to maintain its quality for up to 75 years. Seeing the joy in Clair and Johns faces was incredible. They loved the 16x24 so much it immediately went up on the wall.

I saw this as an opportunity to promote my images and make them available for purchase. I am currently using a professional photo lab to have the images printed and mounted. Custom frames are available at an additional cost.

The money raised through the sale of any promotional photos will go directly to instructor/ guide training courses with the American Mountain Guide Association. Specifically the Rock Guide Course that is being held in Smith Rock Oregon in November 2014. This course will give me the opportunity to further improve client rewards, instructional and risk management techniques in a multi pitch setting. Moreover as we develop climbing trips and instruction at the Outdoor Adventure Center we will be able to offer a more diverse instructional curriculum.
Kane Creek Rainbow I
These two photos were taken in Kane Creek outside Moab Utah. This was during my autumn tour 2013. All of these images are available mounted and laminated for $225. However if you sign up at the top of the page to follow Guided Exposure through Feed Burner I'll offer these images for $200.
Kane Creek Rainbow II

Most importantly share this page with friends, family, and co workers that are interested in rafting, climbing, hiking, or a combination of city to mountain adventure. While I am based in Index Washington, only an hour from Seattle, I am available for adventures from the corners southwest to the coastal pacific northwest.