Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ark Sharks and Red Ladies are Going to the World Rafting Championships in Brazil

The United States National Raft Team is in final preparations for the World Championships in Foz De Igacu in Brazil. This October 8-19 teams from around the globe will converge on this UNESCO World Heritage site to compete in 4 different events in the attempt to become the world rafting champions. The event starts with training on the courses then teams will compete in sprint, head to head, slalom, and finally down river.

This year on the Cal-Salmon in the Trinity Alps (Video)  of Northern California Team Ark Sharks and Team Red Ladies won the National Championship ensuring their titles as champions and sending the teams to Brazil. Currently the team is in the depths of training. Even though practices are 3 days a week, commitment to this level of competition is a 24 hour a day thought.

These men and women have committed years to the sport and now have the opportunity to bring a title home to the United States. Follow the teams on Facebook here @ the US Raft Team, Team Ark Sharks, and The Red Ladies.

They continue to seek out support either through events or through their fund raising sites Go Fund Me Men and  Go Fund Me Women. Support the USA by donating to the teams and supporting the growth of the sport.

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